Can a General Dentist Fix a Missing Tooth?

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Phoenix, AZ

A missing tooth can be a problem both for your health and your looks. If you are missing a tooth, you should not delay getting it replaced. Your dentist can examine you and determine the most appropriate treatment. You may not have to go to another dental professional to restore the tooth. You can then once again chew normally and feel good about your appearance.

What a general dentist does for patients’ mouths

Many people may think of a dentist as someone who cleans teeth and fills cavities. Dentists are concerned about the health of people’s gums and teeth. A general dentist will diagnose, treat, and help to prevent various conditions that affect people’s oral wellness. Many general dentists encounter a missing tooth or two when seeing a patient. The dentist should have the knowledge and training to replace teeth using one of a few different methods.

Available options for replacing a missing tooth

A dentist generally has three choices when it comes to repairing missing teeth. The dentist can recommend partial dentures, implants, or a bridge. Each has benefits and challenges. The dentist and patient will discuss which option makes the most sense. Implants are durable enough to last a lifetime. These consist of a titanium post placed deep into the jaw, a smaller piece called an abutment, and a ceramic or porcelain crown.

A bridge is effective for replacing a single missing tooth. The dentist will place crowns over the teeth surrounding the missing one. In the gap, there will be an artificial tooth. It is not as invasive as getting implants. Partial dentures can work when one tooth is missing. The artificial teeth are natural-looking, but the acrylic base can sometimes wear out or break.

Choosing the right option

At an examination appointment, the dentist will help the patient choose which method will work most effectively. If the patient cannot make a larger financial commitment, a bridge or partial dentures may make more sense than implants. However, if the patient does not have to worry about as much maintenance, implants are a good choice. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions to come up with a treatment plan.

Treatment details

If the dentist decides to do the treatment, there will be a consultation with the patient. Fixing a missing tooth will be different when it comes to treatment time and recovery depending on the method. Implants require multiple surgeries over several months. Bridgework is less invasive but more so than dentures. It can take several weeks for the patient to get used to each of these treatments.

A successful recovery depends on how well the patient follows the dentist’s instruction. Rest and relaxation will help the patient feel well faster. The patient should take pain medication as needed. Eating soft foods for the first few days will help with the transition to the new artificial tooth.

Your dentist is ready to help

To restore your smile, look no further than your dentist. Talk to your general dentist about how to fill in that annoying space. After a consultation, the dentist can get right to work with the option that will help you achieve your goals. Make an appointment today to repair your missing tooth.

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