Veneers as a Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

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Veneers are restorations that cover the front part of teeth. These restorations serve purely cosmetic purposes, transforming any smile into an amazing one. Veneers are shaped just like a real tooth and they are color-matched with the patient’s teeth. Veneers are used to deal with a variety of cosmetic problems like:

  • Stained/discolored teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Chipped teeth

How veneers transform your smile

Veneers started as cosmetics used to transform the smiles of Hollywood celebrities. These restorations are now available to the public, and they are one of the most popular restorations used in cosmetic dentistry.

First visit

The process of getting veneers starts with a consultation with a dentist. The patient will be educated about the need to remove some of the front part of their enamel during the treatment. This is done to create more space, so the restoration does not add extra bulk to the patient’s tooth. This can make the person’s smile look unnatural.

This is a permanent process that cannot be reversed since enamel does not grow back once removed. The tooth will always need a restoration like veneers or a crown to protect its inner layers moving forward. It is a serious decision, and dentists often give their patients a few days to think it over.

Patients who do not want any major alterations made to their teeth can explore no-prep veneers. These are thinner than conventional veneers, and they do not require removing significant amounts of enamel. However, these being thinner also means they do not cover imperfections as well as traditional veneers.

Second visit

During the second visit, the dentist will prepare the patient’s teeth for veneers. The person will be given a shot of a local anesthetic if conventional veneers are being installed. This prevents them from feeling pain as the dentist removes portions of their teeth. Once the teeth have been prepared to the dentist’s satisfaction, digital images are used to make a 3D model of the patient’s teeth. The model is sent to a lab where dental prosthetics like veneers are made. The finished veneers should get back to the dentist within a few weeks. The patient’s teeth are fitted with temporary veneers to protect them while their custom veneers are being made.

Third visit

During the third visit, the dentist will take off the patient’s temporary veneers and attach the custom restorations. Alterations and adjustments are made until the dentist is satisfied with how the patient’s smile looks. The patient walks out of the clinic with a restored smile.


There is no recovery period after getting veneers, but some patients experience teeth sensitivity for a few days following the treatment. This typically fades away within a week and it can be managed with desensitizing products like mouthwash.

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